Social Media Victims Law Center Editorial Guidelines

The Social Media Victims Law Center website provides educational resources for people seeking information and support regarding the negative impacts of social media on society, especially on the younger generation.

Specialized Legal Knowledge

The legal landscape of social media law is highly complex. Social media law encompasses both criminal and civil aspects of the law. To summarize, it covers legal issues related to user-generated content and the online sites that host or transmit it.

The hottest headlines surrounding social media include privacy laws, copyright infringements, defamation, advertising law, intellectual property (IP) law, and rights of social media users such as freedom of speech. In recent years, the special legal concerns connected to social media platforms have expanded to shed light on the darker side of the harm these platforms inflict on their vulnerable users. Unfortunately, the physical and mental health repercussions for technological advancements have a time lag that can span years. From the birth of the first social media site in 1997, we’ve seen complementary advancements across a multitude of industries and products, but the most important advancement has been the evolution of our adoption of these technologies into everyday life.

The Social Media Victims Law Center is a highly-specialized law firm created to support families whose loved ones have fallen victim to the negative impacts of social media.

Studies involving thousands of children have linked social media use to poor mental health, including sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, body image issues, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies. In addition to these long-term effects tied to regular exposure to social media platforms, there are bodily threats including human trafficking and cyberstalking that can have immediate consequences.

The content published across the Social Media Victims Law Center website has been thoroughly investigated and approved by the founder and managing attorney, Matthew P. Bergman. Matthew is a well-established product liability litigator with a stellar track record spanning three decades.

Matthew made the decision to dedicate his life and professional practice to advocating for victims who have been injured through no fault of their own. His legal career led him to oversee complicated cases linked to corporate oversight, failure to warn, false advertising, and defective products, among others. As the influence of social media grew and its negative effects began to take shape, he recognized an opportunity to help people make their case against social media platforms using time-tested litigation approaches. In fact, Social Media Victims Law Center is the first law firm in the country assembled to solely focus on social media cases.

Throughout Matthew’s career in product liability litigation, he became cemented in his position as a loyal champion of victims’ rights. He has represented thousands of men, women, and children through some of the most difficult times of their lives. To progress his vision of Social Media Victims Law Center, he selectively hired empathetic, accomplished attorneys with experience litigating psychological injuries and implementing innovative electronic discovery tactics to support the firm’s upcoming intricate cases against social media platforms.

The expertise Matthew brings to Social Media Victims Law Center as a whole goes beyond his career as an award-winning trial attorney. He also works as a law professor, philanthropist, and community activist. He is nationally recognized as a compassionate, brilliant legal expert and thought leader in the space of product liability litigation.

Matthew is passionately involved in the everyday happenings of Social Media Victims Law Center. This involves maintaining an active presence across the law firm’s website. Most of the content on our website is written by Matthew, and that which he doesn’t write, he exercises due diligence in trying to prevent misinformation. Matthew is proud to present himself and his firm as a trustworthy voice for victims, and as such, the content on our site is thoroughly vetted to ensure integrity. When he reviews the content, Matthew relies on his years of experience as a litigator along with the expert learnings of his colleagues at Social Media Victims Law Center. As part of his vetting process, he will confirm industry facts using both national and international media outlets as well as LexisNexis, a legal data mining platform.

Contributors and Credentials

Attorney Matthew P. Bergman is the primary investigator into the veracity of the content that is published across the website.

Matthew Bergman earned his Juris Doctor in 1989 from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Matthew has been admitted to the Washington State Bar and Oregon State Bar, granting him permission to practice in these states. Matthew also has been admitted to Federal District Courts in Washington, Illinois, and Southern California. Prior to founding the Social Media Victims Law Center, Attorney Matthew P. Bergman founded Bergman Draper Oslund Udo, a standout law firm focused on widespread mass tort and class action litigation primarily relating to product liability.

Social Media Victims Law Center is based in Seattle, Washington, which is also the location of corporate locations for Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon, and other major technology companies. We accept social media cases from people living anywhere in the United States of America.

Our Website’s Purpose

The purpose of the Social Media Victims Law Center website is to educate concerned parents and family members by providing them with the information required to understand and make decisions regarding social media litigation.

Our team embraces ethical journalism practices. We strive to present only clear, unbiased information. Every piece of content on this website has been objectively verified. The easily-traceable sources exclusively linked to within our content have been thoroughly vetted to be credible and trustworthy.

Our Objective

No matter how our reader finds our website, whether it’s in reference to a child, spouse, friend, or another loved one, victims of social media side effects face a long road to recovery. Social Media Victims Law Center’s objective is to interpret the complications involved with social media usage for our readers. Whether or not our readers decide to pursue a civil case, we want our content to be informative and to lay the groundwork for their healing process.

Social Media Victims Law Center’s Audience

Social Media Victims Law Center’s audience includes, but is not limited to…

  • People whose loved ones have been negatively impacted by social media
  • People who want to know more about the process regarding social media civil claims
  • People whose children have experienced abuse on social media and are interested in learning their rights
  • People whose children are experiencing serious depression linked to their social media use
  • People whose children are experiencing body image problems including body dysmorphia and/or eating disorders due to their exposure to images on social media
  • People whose children have engaged in self-harm as a result of their social media use
  • People who have lost a loved one to suicide linked to social media use
  • People who are questioning either their own or their loved ones’ experiences on social media and would like guidance from a non-judgemental source
  • People who are questioning whether or not they or their loved ones are addicted to social media
  • People who have lost a loved one due to human trafficking through social media
  • People whose loved ones are experiencing suicidal thoughts in connection with social media activity
  • People who want detailed and objective information about the legal landscape
  • People who are considering appointing an attorney for their social media case
  • People who are currently practicing attorneys exploring social media cases
  • People who are engaged in an ongoing social media case and have questions
  • Members of the media, researchers, and experts

Topical Coverage

Social Media Victims Law Center is the nation’s leading law firm for victims of social media’s negative effects and their families.

Studies have linked social media use to poor mental health in children, including sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia, in addition to the possibility of physical harm allowed through social media connections. Subsequently, the core content on our site is centered on recognizing the negative impacts of social media in these many forms. These informational pieces of content range from helpful articles on healing from social media addiction, recognizing the signs of mental health issues in children, the latest news updates, a wide range of testimonials, and informative legal articles outlining social media litigation.

The key contributor for the website, Attorney Matthew P. Bergman, pulls inspiration from direct case experience for the topics on this website.

The diligent attorneys at Social Media Victims Law Center are people who are dedicated to producing results that are measured not only by financial settlement amounts but also by empowering clients as they heal. These various legal cases and shared victim experiences add color to the topics on this website.

Throughout the Social Media Victims Law Center website, you will find consistently updated knowledge shared regarding social media’s physiological and psychological effects on children, social media law, state and national news, and so much more.

Editorial Control

As the in-house legal expert in social media litigation, Matthew Bergman employs editorial control for content published on the Social Media Victims Law Center website. Matthew has taken steps to safeguard the content on this website so it may operate independently of external influences. The website does not accept money for advertising. Matthew Bergman encourages suggestions and feedback from colleagues and attorneys within Social Media Victims Law Center, who may at times recommend topics and changes for the website based on the evolving landscape of social media litigation.

Social Media Victims Law Center does not accept external ideas for content. The website may pursue knowledge from external sources, but the website publishes only original content. We operate at the highest levels of integrity and quality standards.

Reader Engagement

The team at Social Media Victims Law Center invites you to contact us with feedback and questions. Matthew Bergman and Social Media Victims Law Center seeks justice against cyberbullies, cyberstalkers, human traffickers, and, of course, the major platforms themselves who are engaged in using and abusing users for profit. Reach out if you are in need of support.

Editorial Integrity

Matthew Bergman declares these guiding principles as indispensable to ensuring responsible legal journalism.


The Social Media Victims Law Center was founded based on shared principles. Our firm strongly believes the organizations behind online communities and social media platforms have an obligation to treat their users with the highest levels of care. As a personal injury lawyer, you need to know when it’s best for the client to push through negotiations or to settle outside of court, regardless of the monetary award amounts. We strive to keep our content clean and authentic in order to display possibilities and situations that are relevant to each legal area.

Focus on Facts

Successful litigation is built on facts; as legal experts, we understand the content on our site should be meticulously researched and backed by industry experts. The content written for this website undergoes a rigorous verification process. Matthew Bergman ensures the content across the website is created by arranging facts in a neutral fashion.


When someone has experienced a traumatic event or watched their loved one suffer, the last thing they want is to face a mess of complicated issues. Our attorneys always provide a clear, honest assessment of what’s happening in every case. Our goal is to produce content that we are confident in guaranteeing to be supportive, accessible, and constructive in educating victims and their families on the procedures of social media litigation.

Empathetic Guidance

The Social Media Victims Law Center is a voice for victims and their families. We understand and appreciate the fact that a legal case is only one step along the road to healing from the powerful negative effects of social media on our nation’s youth. Our content creation process is designed to keep victim experiences in mind at the heart of every article, as we strive to create a space that is helpful and feels safe for our clients.

Social Media Victims Law Center Content Types

Social Media Victims Law Center provides a relevant collection of content for our readers.

Evergreen Pages

These pages are composed with the goal of sharing background information on Social Media Victims Law Center’s operations, history, attorneys, and expert knowledge.

Resources for Parents

Learn incredibly important ways to support your children in this modern age. It’s critical to understand the symptoms of social media addiction, its long-term effects, and how to help the victim overcome their addiction. Knowledge is power and training your children on constructive ways to approach technology, especially one as powerful as social media, is key to their flourishing as adults in society. Review mental health resources especially geared toward helping parents help their children.

Social Media in the News

The timely and relevant articles found in our Blog are produced and updated with the goal of educating the public about social media litigation.

Social Media and the Law

Social media law is constantly evolving. Matthew Bergman reviews reports covering legal changes and social media litigation laws at the federal, state, and local levels.

Knowledge Resources

We invite readers to explore our knowledge bank of regularly updated resources. The attorneys at Social Media Victims Law Center want the best outcome for our readers, whether that involves calling a helpline, utilizing our resource links, or contacting an attorney for legal advice.

Linking Policy

Attorney Matthew Bergman welcomes external organizations, individuals, nonprofits, and other law firms to link to the Social Media Victims Law Center website if they share our vision of protecting and educating victims of social media and their families. Social Media Victims Law Center does not allow other websites to directly paste pieces of content, but rather we request the information and articles be shared in full and hyperlinked to the original source content, in order to fully represent the accurate and valuable information contained therein.


Social Media Victims Law Center tries to correct any erroneous information in a timely manner. If you see an error anywhere on the site, please contact us to report the inaccuracy.