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Teens Lobbying to Regular Social Media

British Ruling Pins Blame on Social Media for Teenager’s Suicide

The Molly Russell inquest verdict damns Silicon Valley. There can be no more excuses.

Molly Russell's inquest to put focus on big tech

Teens on screens: These dangers keep growing. Parents should pay close attention | Miraldi

Two new lawsuits claim Meta's Instagram caused eating disorders

Instagram lawsuits claim platform fuels eating disorders, mental health issues for young users

2 new lawsuits point to Instagram for causing eating disorders and other disorders to teenagers who use the app

Parents speak out on lawsuit accusing Instagram of fueling daughter's eating disorder, depression

Kentucky mother sues Meta, alleges Instagram fueled teen daughter's anorexia: 'We all need to wake up'

Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok Cause Mental Health Problems in Teens, Lawsuits Claim

TikTok Being Sued by Parents of Children Who Died Attempting Blackout Challenge

Parents Sue TikTok Over Deaths of Two Girls After ‘Blackout Challenge'

Families sue TikTok after girls died while trying ‘blackout challenge’

Teen Suing Meta for ‘Deliberately’ Making Platforms Addictive, Harmful: ‘They Are Fully Aware’

Meta Knew its Apps Harm Teens' Mental Health, Families Allege in Lawsuit

Family Blames Instagram for Teen’s Eating Disorder in Lawsuit Challenging Section 230 Protections

Parents sue Meta alleging teen daughter suffered due to Instagram addiction

Their teenage children died by suicide. Now these families want to hold social media companies accountable

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Social media Platforms After Suicide of Wisconsin Teen

Facebook, Snapchat Hit with Suit Over Teen's Suicide

Meta, Snap Sued by Mother of Wisconsin Teen for His Suicide

Instagram, Snapchat, Addiction Led to 17-Year-Old's Suicide: Lawsuit

Kenosha County Mother Sues Social Media Companies Over Teen's Suicide, Calls Apps Defective, Dangerous

Grieving Mother Sues Facebook, Snapchat over Her Son's Suicide

SMVLC: Teenage TikTok Influencer Confronted by Armed Stalker at Family’s Florida Home

Oregon woman sues Meta, Snap over alleged mental health harm

Mom sues Meta and Snap over her daughter's suicide

Meta and Snap sued by mother over alleged role in her daughter's suicide

Mother sues Meta and Snap over daughter's suicide

Instagram, Snapchat Obsession Caused 11-Year-Old’s Suicide, Lawsuit Claims

Meta, Snap sued over social media ‘addicted’ 11-year-old girl’s suicide

Mother sues Meta and Snap over tween daughter’s suicide

Mother of 11-year-old who died by suicide sues social media firms Meta and Snap

Lawsuit accuses Snapchat of 'defective design' and 'negligence' after CT girl, 11, dies of suicide

Mujer demanda a Instagram y Snapchat por el suicidio de su hija de 11 años

Connecticut mother sues Meta, Snap Inc. over 11-year-old daughter’s suicide

Mom sues Instagram, Snapchat companies after 11-year-old’s suicide

Meta, Snap Sued Over Social Media ‘Addicted’ Girl’s Suicide

Mother Sues Meta, Snap Over Social Media ‘Addicted’ Daughter’s Suicide

FORBES: Holding Social Media Companies Accountable

TikTok Diagnosis Videos Leave Some Teens Thinking They Have Rare Mental Disorders

Matthew Bergman on King5 News

Oregon mom sues Meta, Snap over teen’s mental health