Cyberbullying Laws in Nevada

Cyberbullying often causes serious psychological damage to teens, potentially leading to self-harm and suicide. Nevada has enacted several laws to prevent cyberbullying and hold the perpetrators responsible. If your child has experienced this type of social media harassment, the Social Media Victims Law Center can help. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of teens harmed by online and social media abuse and helping them seek justice.

Written and edited by our team of expert legal content writers and reviewed and approved by Attorney Matthew Bergman

Written and edited by our team of expert legal content writers and reviewed and approved by

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While the digital age has created great opportunities for communication and interconnectedness, it has also exposed teens and young adults to cyberbullying. If your child has experienced cyberbullying, you may be able to find justice through legal recourse. Nevada has enacted several laws to address cyberbullying and cyberstalking. Some laws criminalize online bullying, while others require schools to implement policies to prevent and report incidents.

The Social Media Victims Law Center helps victims of social media abuse and harassment hold social media companies accountable. With our knowledge and experience protecting victims’ rights online, you can rest assured that your child’s cyberbullying case is in good hands. Explore your legal options today and get help navigating Nevada’s legal system.

How does Nevada Define Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking?

Nevada law defines cyberbullying as “bullying through the use of electronic communication.” This includes using the internet, social media, or text messages to harass, intimidate, or harm another person. It also includes transmitting or sharing sexually explicit images of a minor using electronic means.

Nevada does not explicitly criminalize cyberbullying, but the state did enact a law prohibiting the electronic dissemination of images depicting a bullying incident. Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated §200.900 prohibits minors from using electronic devices to knowingly and willfully send material depicting another minor child getting bullied with the intent to encourage more bullying or harm to the victim. This law recognizes that online means can be used to seriously exacerbate the harm from bullying.

While Nevada hasn’t explicitly criminalized cyberbullying, it has done so with cyberstalking. Under Nevada law, cyberstalking happens when someone uses technology, like email, social media, or text messages, to threaten, terrorize, intimidate, or harm someone intentionally. The main element of stalking is harassing another person to the point where they feel genuinely scared for their safety.
In Nevada, cyberstalking is a category C felony if the following requirements are met:

  • The accused person must intentionally cause harm to the victim, even if it’s just trying to scare them or make them afraid.
  • The accused person must have used electronic devices, such as a computer or phone, to transmit information that puts the victim at risk of violence or harm.
  • The stalking must happen online or through some other electronic means.
  • The victim must feel fearful because of the accused person’s actions.

A person convicted of a category C felony faces one to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Nevada’s Laws for Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking

Nevada also has a comprehensive set of laws and statutes to prevent cyberbullying in schools. Nevada’s anti-bullying laws include establishing the Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment. These laws aim to create a safe and respectful learning environment and ensure the well-being of all children.

Some key cyberbullying laws in Nevada include:

  • Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated §388.132: This law seeks to provide a respectful and safe school environment free from bullying, cyberbullying, and discrimination.
  • Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated §388.134: This law seeks to provide a safe and respectful learning environment. School-governing bodies must establish policies that promote safe, secure, and ethical computer use and train school personnel. These policies must be reviewed and updated annually.
  • Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated §388.135: This law explicitly prohibits bullying and cyberbullying in any context, including in schools. It establishes the responsibility of school officials to take appropriate disciplinary actions against offenders.
  • Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated §388.1351: This law requires staff members to report any violation of anti-bullying policies to administrators. Schools must investigate reported incidents promptly, notify parents or guardians, and provide written reports of the investigation’s findings.
  • Nevada Administrative Code §388.890: This law makes principals or other designees responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of victims when incidents are reported. They must take appropriate actions to address the situation.

Nevada anti-bullying laws also have established a 24/7 toll-free statewide hotline and website, allowing victims and others to make anonymous reports on bullying incidents.

What Are the Consequences for Teens Who Cyberbully in Nevada?

While cyberbullying alone is not a criminal offense in Nevada, related offenses may be crimes. As noted above, Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated §200.900 prohibits individuals under 18 from purposely and knowingly forwarding photographs or videos depicting the bullying of another minor. However, it’s important to note that this behavior is considered illegal only if the sender intends to promote bullying or harm the victim.

Punishments for teens found guilty of violating cyberbullying laws in Nevada tend to be more severe with each subsequent violation. For a first-time offense, the court can determine that the accused is a “child in need of supervision,” and they may face disciplinary action, such as suspension, from their learning institutions. A teen accused of cyberbullying can also receive fines or be required to attend educational programs or do community service as punishment.

For second or subsequent offenses, the juvenile court deems the accused “delinquent.” In addition to the penalties mentioned above, the minor could also be sent to a government detention facility.

How Can a Social Media Victims Lawyer Help?

If you or a loved one has been affected by cyberbullying on social media platforms, the Social Media Victims Law Center lawyers are ready to help you seek justice. We are currently handling lawsuits against social media companies that facilitate cyberbullying, such as the following:

If your child has been harmed by cyberbullying on any of these platforms, contact the Social Media Victims Law Center to speak with a skilled lawyer. Your first consultation is free, and there’s no obligation whatsoever.

Some ways a lawyer can help victims of cyberbullying include the following:

  • Legal advice and guidance: A social media victims lawyer will provide knowledgeable advice and guidance concerning your specific situation. They can explain your rights as provided by Nevada law, evaluate the strength of your case, and help you understand the legal options available to you.
  • Investigation and gathering evidence: We can connect you with a lawyer experienced in investigating cyberbullying incidents and gathering evidence to support claims. We will dig deep into social media platforms and other online spaces to uncover relevant information crucial to your case.
  • Advocacy and representation: A social media victims lawyer understands the legal process and can represent you in negotiations or court proceedings. They will fight for your rights and help you seek damages.
  • Litigation: A lawyer can file a lawsuit if your child suffered harm from cyberbullying. They will guide you through the legal process and file all necessary paperwork correctly and timely.

A Social Media Victims Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights

Building a strong social media case requires sound legal representation. The Social Media Victims Law Center has a team of experienced social media lawyers dedicated to helping individuals navigate cyberbullying cases.

We provide legal solutions based on the cyberbullying laws in Nevada, tailored to your unique situation. If social media has harmed you or your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us at (206) 741-4862 today to discuss your case.

Cyberbullying Laws in Nevada FAQ

Does Nevada Have Cyberbullying Laws?​

Yes. Nevada has laws in place to address cyberbullying and cyberstalking. Some laws require all local school districts to provide safe learning environments free of cyberbullying and to protect victims. Other cyberbullying laws allow victims to seek justice through civil and criminal courts.

Is Cyberbullying a Crime in Nevada?

Yes, in certain circumstances. It is a crime for a minor to knowingly and willfully send material depicting another minor child getting bullied with the intent to encourage more bullying or harm to the victim. In addition, cyberstalking, or using email, social media, or text messages to threaten, terrorize, intimidate, or harm someone intentionally, is also a criminal offense.

What Happens if Your Teen Is Accused of Cyberbullying in Nevada?

If a teen is accused of cyberbullying in Nevada, they may face consequences, such as fines, compulsory educational programs, community service, and potential disciplinary action from their school. The severity of the penalties increases with subsequent offenses.

What Is the Law on Social Media Harassment in Nevada?

Nevada laws prohibit social media harassment through electronic means and can lead to criminal charges if intended to harm the victim. Other relevant laws require learning environments to be proactive in preventing social media harassment and to report any incidents immediately.

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