TikTok No Parental Consent

By providing your information below, Social Media Victims Law Center will send a Notification of No Parental Consent via email to legal@tiktok.com on your behalf. The full text of the notice is available to read below.

Social Media Victims Law Center provides the following form as a service for parents who wish to inform social media platforms that they do not consent to their children using these products.  The information you provide is NOT CONFIDENTIAL and will be transmitted to the social media companies.  Social Media Victims Law Center cannot guarantee that the social media companies will take appropriate action after receiving this request, that they will respond to the request in any way, or even that they will not block these requests through technical means.  Using this form DOES NOT FORM AN ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP between you and Social Media Victims Law Center.  If you want us to review a potential claim for you, you can contact us by clicking here.


RE:     NPC Letter: No Parental Consent

My Child is ____ Years Old

To TikTok, Inc. and ByteDance, Inc.. (legal@tiktok.com):

I am the parent or legal guardian of _____________________, who is ____years old.

I do not provide parental consent to any of the following:

  • I do not consent to my child accepting TikTok terms of service or other contractual terms proposed by you to my minor child, who lacks contractual capacity to consent to use of your product.
  • I do not consent to my child opening any TikTok account or otherwise using your TikTok products.
  • I do not consent to TikTok accessing, collecting, or otherwise using my child’s personal information or data in any way or for any purpose, unless otherwise required by law.
  • I do not consent to TikTok communicating with my child about your TikTok product or encouraging my child to use TikTok or TikTok products in any way.

I am providing identifying information so that there can be no question as to who my child is.

(This information constitutes personal identifying information (“PII”) for myself and my child, who is under the age of 18. It is confidential and should be treated as such).

My Name:                                           _______________________________

My Email:                                           _______________________________

My Child’s Name:                             _______________________________

My Child’s DOB:                               _______________________________

My Child’s City/State:                       _______________________________

My Child’s Known Phone #:              _______________________________

My Child’s Known Emails:                _______________________________

My Child’s Known TikTok usernames:                             _______________________________

Because your company allows minors to open multiple TikTok accounts under pseudonyms, my child may have accounts and/or accounts in addition to those mentioned above, if any. I do not consent to my child using your TikTok product under any username, known or unknown.

Please take notice that if you provide my child with access to your products, absent my express, written consent, I will pursue all legal remedies that may be available in connection with my efforts to protect my minor child.



CC: Social Media Victims Law Center (NPC@socialmediavictims.org)